Purnama - Flame Of Rebellion

With the goal to inspire to overcome every obstacle in life, to shake every religion and emphasise the power of nature the album "Flame Of Rebellion" was born and recorded. The band Purnama was formed in the Czech Republic and is a powerhouse to be recon with even though that they only have two albums. The band already toured a few years inside and outside of the Czech Republic. With their first album "Lioness" recorded in 2017 the band got a lot of good reviews and the album was well received in the Czech metal scene. With that in mind the band got on tour and got a lot of succes with the Within Destruction tour.

In 2020 the band went back into the studio and recorded their second album "Flame Of Rebellion". The album begins with a dark intro, it could have been recorded in Houska castle itself, its a good track to get you in a certain atmosphere for the upcoming songs. With a consistent haunting guitar riff the second song 'Nature Will Remain' starts. This song is a combination of fast and heavy elements with blast beats and slower heavier parts. The vocals are a combination of lower and mid range grows with sometimes a higher scream. As the song progresses every musical part comes even more together and after a guitar some more heavy guitar riffs. The song slowly fades away with a cold breeze in the background.

The song 'Light In The Void' is one of my favourite songs on this album, it begins with a melodic guitar intro followed by blast beats, tremolo picking and raw vocals. This is one of the combinations that will give you shivers down your spine if done correctly. With a more light and melodic part coming after the last combination the song settles in for a second more atmospheric part, the drums are now playing some fill combinations and after that the blast beats again are kicking in. After a some very rough parts the song suddenly ends.

The song 'Phoenix' is also a favourite, beginning with a good cooperation of drums and guitars. After that the robust part sets in followed by blast beats. The rest of the song is one big piece of musical violence, with brutal lyrics as a guide in this song everything comes together. With yet another drum fill combination in the middle of the song followed by heavy double bas and dark guitar riffs this song proves to be a heavy statement. But yet again the song suddenly stops.

What I like about this album is that throughout the "Flame Of Rebellion" Purnama kept a heavy and consistent sound, the songs also where sounding familiar but they are not copies of the songs before of after, they each had their own footprint yet everything matched. The mixing and mastering of this album is very good and Andy La Rocque (I hope that you know that name) did a good job at Sonic Train Studios. What I also like about this album is that the lyrics for each song are well thought about, you can also hear that this album is made with a clear vision. I can recommend this album to anyone who is more into the darker and faster metal styles.

4 / 5 STARSĀ 


1. It's Coming
2. Nature Will Remain
3. Rebellion
4. Light In The Void
5. Prometheus
6. Dark Flames
7. Phoenix
8. Song For Victory