Reviews written by: twansibon


Kiju - Nothing To Play For

Debut CD of Kiju, a neurotic mixture of hardcore and thrash. Heavy guitarriffing with a few leads, the rough screamy vocals and the hardhitting drums with double bass blasts. A massive wall of sound is created by this quintet. The songs are not only stamping but there are some clean and slower parts build in. Tracks 5 and 10 are delicious pieces of...


Airged L'Amh - The Silver Arm

From Greece comes this epic folk metal. Classic metal with clean male vocals who is backed with multiple vocals. The guitars are dominant and they are riffing fanatik with nice leads and the drums are stamping. The whole album is based on a concept of an ancient battlefield. Airged L'Amh (The Silver Arm) is obssessed by battles from the past and it...


Desensitised / Peach Her - Split CD

On this split CD you can find Desensitised (Holland) and Peach Her (France). Desensitised kicks off with 5 new tracks after their nice MCD "Thriving On Carnage". The development can be heard in the tighter played songs. Still brutal style with low vocals of which the girlie backup one is deeper. Different temposongs with massive guitars. Good prog...


Eternal Reign - Forbidden Path

Another german powermetal band Eternal Reign deliver their second full length. But not JUST another german powermetal band. This has quite an honest and characteristic sound. And of course in this genre it's hard to create original riffs but you can also distinguish yourself by adding the right touch to the songs. There's a great drive in all the s...


Haemorrhage - Visions From The Morgue (DVD)

First DVD from this Spanish sickos. On this disc there are clips (Mortuary Riot, Virulent Massnecropsy and Unlock The Morgue), live footage (1996, 1999, 2000 and 2002) and extras as pics, bio and disco. The quality of the live gigs are not alwyas good but it is giving a nice impression of the band on stage. Tight and grinding. And especially the in...


Little Dead Bertha - Way Of Blind

It seems that Little Dead Bertha is one of the eldest metal bands in Russia. Track 8 is originally recorded in 1994, so who knows. They started as a thrash band but nowadays they play more melodic death metal with doom elements. Nice tempo songs that are indeed melodic, deep vocals, female vocals and the guitars are duelling with the keyboard frequ...


Medium - Blinder

<div>In Cuba they are not only making sigars but fucking death metal too! Medium is a band that plays speed tempo death metal with sensitive passages to get your breath again. Good dual guitarriffs with some nice leads from a guest guitarist! Heavy beating drums. The vocals are aggressive and enjoyable. 8 Songs that are a pleasure to listen to so I...


Pathogen - Bloodline

Pathogen released their debut demo in 1996 and now in 2005 they release their debut album. On this album new songs and songs from their 2 demos. With an easy going interlude this disc starts off quietly but the next songs shows more power. Double bass, angry sounding vocals and melodic twin guitars. Swedish death metal mixed with some epic edges. A...


Ramesses - We Will Lead You To Glorious Times

Ramesses is a doom metal band that is now releasing this disc with 4 songs and two videolips. The songs can be found on earlier work. The songs are slow, crushing guitars, deep vocals and the songs have a certain groove. They call it wargrooves themselves. Long tracks and the 4th one is almost 12 minutes. The videos have a nice visual impact.


Showstripsilence - Monsters And Humans

The band was formed in the winter of 2003 by two members from the hardcore band Consequence and complete by a nu metal drummer and guitarist. So when I tell you that the band plays rock n roll you also know which other influences can be heard. Yes hardcore and nu metal melting into emo rock. This is an album that wants to score a hit on MTV with a...


Stigmhate - Satisfied By The Cruelty

Italian Stigmhate is delivering their debut in a mixture of raw black and technical death. The songs are not blasting the whole 35 minutes but there also passages of melody and even some folk elements. The vocals are raw, but may have some more variation. Overall the songs are nice to listen to and due to the fact that they are technical played and...


World Of Shit - Demo 05

Long time no hear form this two piece band. One living in USA and the other in Germany it has to be dedicated. And its dedicated. Death metal with thrash winks but most of all brute but with enough variation. No blind ramming and bulging but well dosed tempo changes, melody breaks and brutal vocals. This is brutal stuff but made with a missing to c...