Reviews written by: Pagan Hel


Ensorrowed/Coronach/Ramraid/Her Last Goodbye/Skum - The Lomax (UK) 13th March 2013

Well another great night out at The Lomax, with a bit of a shock in store as Joe from Ramraid pointed out that Liam from the band Skum had, had his hair shaved off which was a shocking discovery – for me anyway (Being a Tressophile) :D although he did say he regretted it so hopefully he will grow it back again! <img src="


L Sol Tace - The Carcass Of Eternity

It certainly has been a while since I have reviewed L Sol Tace which was back in 2011 when the band had a slightly different line-up. Now after a long and exhausting struggle to find the right man for the job they have added on Lead Guitar - Sy Taplin and replaced Neal Hester for Brian Granahan on Bass L Sol Tace is poised and ready to pulverise ye...


Sclavinia - Polonized

In the band’s own words: “Sclavinia is an unique metal band with was initially formed in Liverpool (UK) during the summer 2007 by two experienced musicians-Lachovsky (guitar/vocals) and Lysy (vocals/bass) Two months later Orti (drums) joined the band. In 2010 Lysy sadly left Sclavinia and since then in 2012 the mighty David Gardner has taken over t...


Metal Goes Mental - The Zanzibar 08.03.13

<i>Well despite a chilly wet evening I was still really looking forward to this gig even if I had seen all four bands previously, although The Torn Prince and Elephantom had made quite big changes to their line-ups and sets and with new tracks from Bury The Fallen and In Our Defence it was definitely worth checking out. </i> <b>In Our Defence...


0xist - Nil

0xist (Which translates as Zero Exist) came into being in 2008 and hail from Finland home of the dark and heavy genre and this album is very typically Finnish being very well produced and very professional in delivery.<br><br>In August and September 2010 the band recorded a demo with two new tracks: Old World Vanished &amp; …of Wood, Stone and Bone...


Infalling - Path Of Destruction

Infalling consist of five musicians coming from a wide array of musical backgrounds, and formed in 2011 - ranging from hard core, jazz, prog-rock to rap and of course metal. Infalling blends together to form a bond between different types of genres Tony Balante (A Few Askew, Stresslord) applies dynamic vocals, Justin Endres (Odious Sanction, Pale C...


Severenth - Reveal

Severenth are certainly a force to be reckoned with and a great live experience to boot! I should know after seeing them live at Deathwave, they really pulverised the Lomax stage with their vibrant style of metal and not a still head in the house!<br><br>It gives me the greatest pleasure to introduce to you Severenth with the latest offering Reveal...


Grimlord - V-Column

In the band’s own words: “Grimlord "Cruel Ruler" is a Polish group from Wroclaw. Their music is a big dose of energy, emotional and melodies. Based on the sound of electric guitar and an excellent rhythm section and is characterised by dynamic compositions with catchy riffs and interesting lyrics in which the team usually refers to historical event...


Deathwave - Subservience, Severenth, Sclavinia and Lazarus Syndrome

Deathwave - Subservience, Severenth, Sclavinia and Lazarus Syndrome - The Lomax - 02.03.2013 <b style="font-size: 14px;">Lazarus Syndrome</b> <span style="font-size: 14px;">Age</span> <span style="font-size: 14px;">Born Again</span> <span style="font-size: 14px;">Clarity</span> <span style="font-size: 14px;">Indifference</span> <span style=...


Haut Et Court - La Vie

Formed June 2012 Haut Et Court translated means “High and Short” so that answers the first question and secondly, Math core, also known as math metal, is a rhythmically complex and dissonant style of metal core. It has its roots in bands such as Converge, Botch, and The Dillinger Escape Plan. The term math core is suggested by analogy with math roc...


Nebelkrähe - Lebensweisen

Nebelkrähe – (translated means Hooded Crow) was founded as a traditional death/black metal band in Munich in 2007. Not long after this the band changed their style to a slightly more progressive and melancholic black metal, three years on from their debut album “Entfremdet” (Alienated) (June 26th 2009) Nebelkrähe have now completed their new album...


Galdr - Ancient Light Of The Stars

“The word Galdr is an Old Norse word for "spell, incantation", and which was usually performed in combination with certain rites. It was mastered by both men and women. Some scholars have assumed they chanted it in falsetto, relating to Giellan, the verb ancestral to Modern English yell” This is the band’s second album release and like most blac...