Zen - Wondering

Lets see what we have here. Zen is sounding as it has some meditative atmosphere. But the illustrations suggest some poppy rock. And when you see the bandpicture... I don't know know anymore, haha. So curious how they sound like because Zen should be a new sensation. To be frank about it. Not for me. Totally not. Maybe because I am a metal maniac and this has nothing to do with metal. This is music for some rock wannabees that think playing in a band is tough and want to rank the popcharts. Sorry for zending me a copy but I won't play it again....

1. I choose to live
2. Brand new day
3. I was there
4. Distance
5. Soldier in the desert
6. Happy for the day I will die
7. Blame
8. Flavour
9. Over and over
10. Dirty rag
11. In time
12. Don't go away
13. Slave
14. Chi scorda chi

Cabum Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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