Yorblind - Melancholic Souls

From France comes this band who is proclaiming a melancholic topic. Musically the band plays melodic and atmospheric Scandinavian metal. Raw grunts, melody, female voices and tenderness. In the songs there is a battle between the rough stamping that leans towards death metal and that melancholic/romantic passages. An album that hides different elements and showing different feelings. Although it ain't original they show potential on this debut with a variety that fans of Scandinavian death metal can give a listen to.

1. Hybrid
2. Tortured Souls
3. Place Of Death
4. Melancholy Souls
5. Regret
6. Devil'S Garden
7. New Life
8. Forget
9. Spirit'S War
10. Fucking Sickness
11. Rejection
12. Lost Dream

Thundering Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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