Yattai - Fast Music Means Love

A large quantity of songs that only last about sixteen minutes. Well, we already know the genre of this band...Grindcore. Yattai is an intense French band that stays true to the traditional Grindcore format. Plenty of quick blast beat drum rhythms, rapid guitar riffs, and incoherent vocals growling over short face shredding tracks. I think the longest song on the album is two minutes and forty-seconds. Their album “Fast Music Means Love” is extremely brutal for such a short amount of time. However, this style of playing is nothing new and I feel they are taking too much from Napalm Death’s quick song blueprint. There are way too many tracks that fail to reach the one minute mark. Now, don’t get me wrong I do like short intense Grindcore songs, but filling an album with too many of them just does not keep me interested. Still in all fairness Yattai does have a great Grindcore sound and I do like certain guitar riffs on this album. The guitar parts are played with ferocity and keep the intense rhythms on this album driving like a knife slicing through butter. Also, sometimes the guitar parts change timing adding a unique progressive edge to a couple tracks like on “So Stone” and “Sick, Sad World.” Along with the guitar playing I enjoy the drumming on this album which is very technical and not easy to do. This drummer must be sweating buckets because his double bass drum attack is extremely fast. In the vocal department I am still trying to figure out what is going on. Yes, I understand people are not supposed to hear Grindcore lyrics clearly, but the sounds that this singer makes don’t even sound human. I personally hear a bunch of grunts and growls that Gorillas tend to make when they are mating. At least the songs are short so the vocals do not last that long. 

Once the album is over I find myself thinking there is going to be more music, but Yattai keeps their music intense, short, and to the brutal point. The longer tracks on this album really give Yattai their own distinct sound, however just like with plenty of other Grindcore bands Yattai takes the easy way out by coming up with too many brief chest bursting songs. The music goes so fast I am unable to really make a concrete evaluation or obtain a message from the music. Still this is Grindcore and Yattai did not disappoint in the quick and brutal department. Anyone who is in a rush and needs some background music should check this album out. My hope for the next Yattai album is that they either add more short songs to get to twenty minutes or keep the same number of songs with some more two minute songs. Hey, these guys love fast music and the title of the album says it all.

Along with “Fast Music Means Love” Yattai has a compilation album taken from various splits/releases called “Fifty Love Hymns For Grindheads.” Yes, fifty songs that are super quick and will get any Grindcore fan stage diving off their couch. These tracks are insanely intense and the number of songs is overwhelming. However, the songs are never longer than two minutes, so those metal fans with short attention spans will be joyous when listening to this compilation. I personally like the creative humorous song titles that make up for the similar sounding Grindcore music. Some of my favorites are “Crusty The Clown,” “Stincky Witches,” “ I Vote For Satan,” and “Cow Boy.” All aside the compilation is worth checking out and offers listeners tons of material to break ligaments to while moshing. Pure Grindheads will love this album.


1. Sick, Sad World
2. Fuck The Faxe
3. Just An Insect
4. Gigolo Boy
5. Can't Stand
6. Tasteless Handsome Zombies
7. Fast And Furious 3 (Angoulême Thrashcore)
8. Fast And Furious 6 (Love Is Also In The Kitchen)
9. So Stone
10. Everything But Friendship
11. Grunt Grunt C'est Des Cons
12. Before You Go
13. Fast And Furious 4 (Faster Grindcore, Kill Kill)
14. Fast Music Means Love
15. Fast And Furious 5 (The Meaning Of Life?)
16. A Kind Of Magic

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Mar 20, 2013

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