Yattai - Demo

Yattai are a grind band will settle into an occasional groove now and then, but they are prone to change tempos without warning in order to intentionally keep the listener off balance. But it's all well and good as they are pretty much tight and their sound is pretty much together. As far as comparisons go they are somewhere between chaotic grind bands like Ion Dissonance or Bolt Thrower and porn grind bands such as Neuropathia, Gut or Cock and Ball Torture.

Yattai are a band that utilize different types of screams and growls. In the second track "Give Me Five" for example, there are screams of panic, growls of guttural indigestion (sarlaac pit monster), growls of raw perserverance (intestinal fortitude), and for good measure a few screams of in your face contempt.

This band has already done one demo, they've been on a couple of compilation CD's and shared a split CD with Gastric Burst in 2005, but with this six-song demo (7 songs if you count the five-second outburst at the beginning) the band apparently have aspirations of turning out a full-length CD.

1. Just The Two Of Us
2. Give Me Five
3. Cow Boy
4. T'es Vire
5. Hachis
6. Hit Single
7. Beuarrgh

Dead Cirkus Records
Reviewer: mykke
Feb 26, 2009

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