X-piral - Hunters

X-Piral from Greece comes here with their second release "Hunters" on the label Burning Star. Their debut "Poison Eyes" was recorded on their original name Shadow Play but there was already a band with that name. So the bandname was changed into X-Piral and so on this album you here 11 tracks in a blend of power and heavy metal and enriched by keyboards. The songs are mid and up tempo and change that frequently. The vocals are sung with a clear voice and containing melodic patterns. Guitars are interacting with the keyboards in atmosphere and melody. The whole album is melodic with nice guitars but the vocals could have been more exciting. But if you like power heavy metal this album is worth trying out.

1. .Com-Fusion
2. Golden Wings
3. Fall Into Oblivion
4. Hunters
5. Duat (The Land Of The Dead)
6. Timechaser
7. Powerlust
8. Hear Me Calling
9. The Fire's Burning Bright
10. Dead Within
11. Lie Down Free

Burning Star Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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