Winter Deluge - As The Earth Fades Into Obscurity

Forging evil from Auckland, New Zealand since 2005 Winter Deluge was formed by 2 brothers, Autumus (Nathan Baylis) and Arzryth (Aaron Baylis) whom originally went under the band name: Desecrate. After Nekasarof (Dean Ramanauskas) was recruited as Vocalis during late 2005 the suggestion for the change of band name to Winter Deluge took place.

Winter Deluge's current 2014 release "The Earth Fades Into Obscurity" is actually a re-release from the 2012 original however this time around it is on vinyl where the cover art is most becoming. "The Earth Fades Into Obscurity" is an extremely intense album filled with fury and a raw power which never seems to exhaust. For black metal I must say that Winter Deluge have definitely found a way to create a sound that is truly their own which makes this album stand out and I say this under a very good light. A lot of experimentation here with unpredictable melodies and change overs. This is certainly not traditional old school black metal but what has spawned in the new age from it. Not sure if the category exists yet but I personally if having to put a label on this sound would definitely term this as progressive black metal. Normally such a title would sicken me however this music does not and the term to me certainly is fitting.

I feel that this album's creation was a natural process and doesn't feel nor sound like anything was purposely done just to "sound different" This album is authentically original.

The production is raw yet fitting for this album it is quite fitting. This album is fast and blast all the way from beginning till end. Even with the grim instrumental of the 8th track 'The Fragments Of Mankind' (which is more like an intro to the 9th final track), this album is still high energy. One can say that this second to last track is just a very short interlude to remind oneself to breath before allowing the grand finale of the 9th track titled 'Celestial Renewal' to blow what is left of you away, (the last track is anything but celestial or renewal but more like painfully and artistically slowing ripping your flesh from the bone then smashing your skeletal frame to dust).

I feel that "The Earth Fades Into Obscurity" is well worth the listen and I do highly recommend it. I must admit that it took 3-4 plays of the album entire in order for me to fully grasp in full what this creative work has to offer and before I could fully appreciate it's talents but please do not miss quote me here for I did like this album straight away from first listen it just took a little longer for me to fully grab all within it and now that I have I do recommend you do the same for this would be a great addition to your black metal collection.

My favored tracks : 2nd: 'Last Hour Of The Raven', 7th: 'A Sphere To Cleanse The Earth', 9th: 'Celestial Renewal'.

1. Winters March 
2. Last Hour Of The Raven 
3. Fall To The Wyrm Of Time 
4. Demonic Dweller Of Winter Plains
5. Triumph Of The Fallen Folk 
6. Scathe Wrought By The Will Of Nature 
7. A Sphere To Cleanse The Earth 
8. The Fragments Of Mankind (Instrumental
9. Celestial Renewal