Widow - On Fire

With a very wrong cover like this the purpose of Widow is clear: playing metal and burning your village. With typical and classical heavy metal riffs and strong structures the catchy songs are fired. There's some good tempos and a good vibe on the songs and the 2 guitars are used effectively. Vocals are female chanting or powermetal alike backed up by screaming and horrifying vocals. Variation in the songs, wrong lyrics and crazy music for classical metalheads that dare to listen to something different......

1. An american wherewolf in raleigh
2. The preacher's daughter
3. Here to stay
4. Re-animate her
5. Sinderella
6. Not alone
7. Dead end
8. Misstery
9. Family affair
10. I'll bury you alive

Cruz Del Sur Music
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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