Wicked Wisdom - Wisdom Wicked

The best way of describing Wicked Wisdom would be Hardcore punk meets groove metal. Fans of now defunct female-fronted metal band "Crisis" will find Wicked Wisdom interesting enough. Vocalist Jada Koren varies between rhythmic raps and melodic crooning, and the latter works out much better than the former. "Bleed Over Me" for example is a searing melodic rock ballad that is actually quite gripping whereas the preceding track, "One" is kind of a lame attempt at sounding like "Rage Against The Machine." To achieve the effect Wicked Wisdom is looking for, the singer Jada needs to loosen up a bit and take a lesson from Karyn Crisis who sings in this style but is more energetic and entertaining. The band has "Fish" from the original Fishbone as its drummer and they are indeed tight. This is not a bad release and with just a little improvement, perhaps a little more dramatic flare on guitar would also help, this band could be kick-ass!!!

1. Yesterday Don't Mean
2. Something Inside Of Me
3. One
4. Bleed All Over Me
5. Cruel Intentions
6. You Can't Handle
7. Forgiven
8. Set Me Free
9. Don't Hate Me
10. Reckoning

AFM Records
Reviewer: mykke
Feb 26, 2009

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