Wicked Mystic - Beware And Whisper

After nearly ten years of silence and a hiatus too long, Thrashers Wicked Mystic return with their third album. Reuniting in 2011, the band felt it was the perfect time unleash their talents once again. 'Beware And End' throws in plenty of Groove to mix up with the Thrash bits so it doesn't feel like a complete Slayer copy, but once the album is broken down it still feels pretty cookie-cutter-ish. Some tracks like "Mend Or End" tend to keep the same riffs- no matter how fast- played over and over versus other tracks like "Beware And Whisper" seems to have more of an ebb and flow to the music while keeping the groove, and during the somewhat monotonous chugging parts, the band throws in a few good guitar solos too. Vocally, the throaty shout could do well with any Thrash or Hardcore fan due to its flat, direct tone, but it thankfully doesn't feel like it is a complete rip off of Megadeth or Exodus.

Some tracks do better than others at keeping variety. "Incapacity" has this section that just sounds excellent with the way the solos are layered that mix traditional Speed Thrash with the almost sludgy dredge of Groove Metal bands like Throwdown. Together, this tempers everything and creates a musical vortex that is anything but monotonous. "March Of The Wicked" serves as a nice segway of slow, plodding thunder to the cover track of possibly one of the best recognized Thrash songs ever created- Exodus's "Bonded By Blood." LIke so many before them though, Wicked Mystic tends to shed their individuality when doing this song and try to conform to the strucure of Exodus's music, the music is faster- less groove oriented- and the vocals seem to reach a different high with then their driving, lower tones. It just doesn't feel like Wicked Mystic at all. Still, for such a long hiatus, the band still proves their are strong as this album tops their 2002 effort from so many years ago. Welcome back, Wicked Mystics.


  1. Beware And Whisper
  2. Inject Fatality
  3. All In One
  4. We Will Succeed
  5. Mend Or End
  6. Das Vierte Reich?
  7. Infinite Fear
  8. Slight Indifference
  9. Incapacity
  10. March Of The Wicked
  11. Bonded By Blood (cover Exodus)

Self released
Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Jan 19, 2013

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