Wicked King Wicker - God Is Busy... Save Yourself

Wicked King Wicker may seem underground but they do have a loyal fan base and the mainstream music press like Terrorizer magazine gave the band’s first two albums high ratings so they have been noticed by more than just the underground media. “God Is Busy… Save Yourself” is their 6th album, and their first released outside of the U.S. The bottom line is Wicked King Wicker is unique and one of the most extreme doom metal bands around and this album just reinforces that fact ever more. The main thing that makes this band so unique is in their take no prisoners approach to making some of the most disturbing droning noisy doom ever created. The music is about as doom as you can get but they combined the slower than a sloth type riffs and back it up with endless fuzz, buzzing, squealing and various distorted noises that are on one hand painful to the ear but also so incredibly monolithic. Want people to leave your house?, then put this on and you wont see them for dust. The album contains just three epic pieces starting with "Those Who Bear Responsibility" that makes Sunn O))) and Moss sound like Black Sabbath, it is a horrible noise but also has a kind of appalling beauty about it. Minimal for the most part but it also has a natural progression about it that all good droning doom should have. Don't expect big riff changes or dynamic lead breaks because you wont find them on here, its wall to wall psychedelic sonic doom noise.

The band seems to be getting heavier with each release and the final track on here is a good example on how far you can take the doom, drone, noise approach and make it work. Its titled "So Easily Lead Astray" and this track features more electronic noises than the other two or at least that is how i heard it. Again its another crushing monolithic drone fest and again you cant exactly rock out to these tunes, this is music that you have to let soak into your skull and ferment for a few listens for full effect. Some people will ride this music off as just sheer noise but to me, it takes some real musical vision to make something so noise filled and yet give it a kind of meditating quality. The track sandwiched in between these two is called "Call My Name Sweet Demon, So I Know I Am Not Alone" and is perhaps the most disturbing of the three tracks on this album. The deeper than the deepest grave bass sounds and the hitting of the drum which sounds like a crazed madman beating on your coffin sounds positivity scary. Add to that some demented moaning screams and you have a sound that makes Khanate sound almost commercial. All the three tracks are 16 minutes plus in length so its no easy journey getting through this album but its worth it, for the hardcore doom drone fan only but one of the heaviest albums of its kind ever released.

1. Those Who Bear Responsibility
2. Call My Name Sweet Demon, So I Know I Am Not Alone
3.  So Easily Lead Astray

Cold Spring Records
Reviewer: Ed
Jan 5, 2010
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