Whourkr - 4247 Snare Drums

This is the third album of Igorrr's band WHOURKR and the first of the band with the incorporation of Mulk (member of Mulk and Sedative) and the result of mix this two personalities is a brutal album full of metal and electronic. What kind of music offers WHOURKR? mmmm... Breakcore?, Experimental grindcore?, Electronic and madness? imagine an album made of some parts of The Berzerker, a bit of Passenger Of Shit, the saxophone of Naked City in some songs, some percussions of Dub War and finally add the deepest and insane growls and you have "4247 snare drums". The collaboration of Öxxö Xööx (ex-member of the band) in some songs gives a different taste, more atmospheric and rare, but the result is the same: a controled madness. If you are the kind of people that think that the mix of metal and electronic can't be a good result, try to listen to this album and then talk about it.


1. Quadruple plis de peau (711 Snare Drums) 
2. Coiffer un ours (269 Snare Drums)  
3. Gastro-Equestre (326 Snare Drums) 
4. Manger du buerre (395 Snare Drums) 
5. Pachyderm catapult (367 Snare Drums) 
6. Petits poneaux (349 Snare Drums) 
7. Ostina (628 Snare Drums)
8. Maximum speed limit monotone snare audition (Uncontable) 
9. Polygroin (663 Snare Drums) 
10. Arithmetic punishment (539 Snare Drums) 
11. Gastro-Equestre (Remix by Ruby My Dear)