Whorrid - Time Heals Nothing

Coming to existence in December of 2001 when Ivan Galdamez (guitar) joined forces with Ed Baugh (drums/vocals) to create a raw traditional death metal band called Redrum. April 2002 they released a demo entitled “Redrum 2002” and sought out to recruit members. May 2003 brought Andrew Rafacz (guitar) into the picture and same year Redrum would become Whorrid. Shortly after the release of their second demo “Bitch Butchers” in 2004 , Ed would part ways with the band leaving Ivan to take on the vocal duties and a long process would start of finding the right pieces to the perfect line up. Going through many members (Narcyz Fortuna – drums 2004/2006, Martin Labuz – bass 2004/2005) and session players, the puzzle was finally being complete with the addition of Jarek Badzioch on bass in fall of 2005 and Brian Wimmer on drums in spring of 2007. January 29, 2006 marked the release of their full length debut “Infecting the Soul”, one year later signing a deal with Rotting Corpse Records.

And for Rotting Corpse they recorded and released the album "Time Heals Nothing". But weren't we told this already in 1991 with the album "Time Does Not Heal" from Dark Angel? Anyway, Whorrid composed 10 songs in a combination of death and thrash metal.Various tempos from dwelling mid tempo to pushing fast parts. Although the various tempo changes the vocals are staying more or less the same. But in track "Loving Memory" Whorrid is showing a more sensative side as it is more ballad like. Guitars on "Time Heals Nothing" are thick and crispy. Simple but effective riffs and in "Worst Of Times" they even go accoustic. And the last track, a bonus, "Lap Dance" is some industrial piece of noise. So in the end this album is meeting me half way. There are some nice songs but also things I cannot place, like the "Lap Dance" song so Whorrid didn't convince me enough that time is healing nothing.

As another bonus on the album you can see a video of the song "Infecting The Soul" which is also be found on www.youtube.com/user/rcrecords666

1. Infecting The Soul
2. Pain Within
3. American Graveyard
4. Evil Thoughts
5. How Does It Feel
6. Society
7. Loving Memory
8. Worst Of Times
9. Left For Dead
10. Lap Dance

Rotting Corpse Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Jan 3, 2010
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