Whoretopsy - They Did Unspeakable Things

Whoretopsy?!?! What a terrible name for a band. It seems bands these days are continually trying to push the boundaries of whats acceptable and whats just plain not. Yet again we're presented with a band whose whole album is dedicated to the mutilation and maiming women and unfortunately.... children. The whole scene is saturated with bands whose lyrical content is full of this but whilst singing about hacking men and women to bits is fine and as long as it's served tongue in cheek I dont have a problem with it but when I'm greeted with the track "DPI" (I dont even want to know what it stands for!) and it's sample, I believe this band should go and check what they're about. And if anyone else thinks this is cool, so should you. This completely taints this album for me. Ruined. The production is cool and very heavy and everything is delivered to us in most brutal fashion but I can't escape what I've just heard. Put it like this, you would be arrested in UK for committing that to CD.

These guys just remind me of a plagiarized Lividity. Were Lividity were funny and having seen them a few times, it's all presented to the audience with alot of humour- Matt Bishop anyone??!! These guys just miss the point entirely. Even the cover artwork has a striking resemblance to Lividity's work. Musically, these guys have nothing new to give us, it's pretty much the usual "slam 'n' blast" thing. Is it brutal? None more brutal than anyone else but I have to say one of the worst albums I've heard in a long time that I will be getting rid off. Do what Pink floyd once said "Leave those kids alone"


  1. In Loving Memory
  2. DPI
  3. Voyeurism
  4. Bittersweet
  5. Cardiac Defecation
  6. Necrobordello
  7. Unspeakable
  8. Intimate Disgust
  9. Potty Mouth
  10. Human Error