Whorehouse – Corporation

This second album by Polish thrashers Whorehouse has been out for nearly 12 months and is the band’s first album in eight years at the time of release. One thing that strikes you immediately is the production which has a dense biting guitar sound similar to the latter albums by Artillery, Paradox, Overkill to name a few acts. It has considerable power that makes every song on this album listen almost like death metal at times.

The title track opens the album and is a blur of shredding riffs and powering bass underpinned by the excellent drum sound which I love on this album. Added to that is the clean(ish) vocal style that is lyrically decipherable for the most part and assists in taking this album out of the quagmire of thrash acts that stick to harsh vocals, but it is all down to preference in the end. Without wanting to curse the band by naming musical influences I do think the songs have a Metallica feel from their proper days, that old guys like me spout on about from 1980s. 'The Same Old War' is case in point, possessing a dynamic riff that is catchy but preferring to keep the speed in mid-tempo realms but is no less penetratingly effective. Whether you prefer your thrash to be the chuggy variety or all out speed this album has both as 'Toxic Dance' hits you with a very catchy riff and steadfast beat which contrasts with the Testament like 'W.W.W.A.W.W.B' (I think the acronym stands for We Were, We Are, We Will Be') and sees the pace hefted up substantially as it swerves into blast beat territory with excellent effect.

The riff to 'Invaders' is great, possessing a quirky character before it submits to a speedier one as that Testament touch is evident but I must add that this band is their own, with unique riffs. The flooding double bass adds weight whilst the snare is stamped down like a piledriver making you nod that head in a sort Pavolv’s dog response to it. The riff to 'The Silent Unseen' is acidic, embalmed with a terrific hook as the song hurtles forward on that excellent drum sound, augmented by the pristine lead work. I always finish my reviews with the last track on the album as I think they’re important to focus on as 'Anguis In Herba' closes the release and has a much slower riff and deliberate punching pace imbibed with a variety of guitar hooks that infest the main riff. As the track evolves it adopts a marching snare like beat as you can feel the tension swelling as you quickly realise the song is too all intent and purpose a thunderous instrumental belied only by the spoken words inserted half way in and if I’m honest I’d have preferred the song in the middle of the album but is a minor point.

Anyone into thrash should be buying this without hesitation, it offers every thrasher exactly what they crave, thrash is thrash right, no dilution with other genres, no keyboard interference, no atmospherics etc, just straight up wholesome, nourishing pit friendly thrash violence.

  1. Corporation
  2. The Same Old War
  3. Toxic Dance
  4. Payback
  5. W.W.W.A.W.W.B
  6. Invaders
  7. The Silent Unsean
  8. Anguis In Herba