Whispering Gallery - Shades Of Sorrow

Whispering Gallery is a Dutch band that plays doom metal. This should be there 3rd full length release if I am correct. Right after the first notes you know what to expect but you will stick to it the complete time. Songs are slow (doom you know?) with flowing melodic guitars with passionate leads, steady basis rhythm and two style vocals. One is the really good deep grunt and the backup is a clean male singer. As I really like the grunter I am not a fan of these cleaner parts. But despite these vocals the songs are compelling and dwelling in your senses. Fascinating album foor doom fans.

1. The Gost Inside
2. Afraid To Surrender
3. Darkness Falls
4. Shades Of Sorrow
5. Desperation
6. From The Grave...
7. Beyond The Light
8. Daydream ( Part II )

Burning Star Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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