WhenLoveFinishes - Room 101

The roots of this Italian band takes us back to 1998 when they played covers under another bandname. In 2001 the shape is taking form and the band changes their bandname into WhenLoveFinishes and writing own material. The style is now more to metal orientated and mixe with hardcore now know as metalcore. Vocals are shouted like they do at hardcore while the drums are kicking the bass regularly and those distorted guitars with some nice leads. As a bonus you get a live cut from their previous album "Destruction Technique Of An Established Order". The songs are not bad but this type of metalcore is over and out. It is time to choose between hardcore or metal.

2. Killed by me
3. Firebrand
4. Breakdown
5. Under contol (Live)

Necrotorture Agency
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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