When All Light Dies - Transitions

The debut album from When All Light Dies is a strong Metalcore/ Melodic Death Metal offering. Fans can find within 'Transitions' the mainstream melodies of a band like Killswitch Engage or Shadows Falls with the more unconventional growls and brutal screams of a band like Dying Fetus or Napalm Death. This unorthodox pair will certainly intrigue fans right from the start with "Through The Eyes..." which sets the standard for what is to be expected on this album, from the melodic song structures to the personal lyrics. Other tracks like "Guide You Down" throw in clean vocals to mix things up a bit, but they are used sparingly rather than in the typical 'harsh verse/ clean chorus' style that so many Melodic Death Metal bands use. Mostly the vocals here are of the harsh type, but listeners will really want to focus in on the music, which always seems like two separate entities at time. There is the heavy rhythm guitar but always a lead solo which carries everything through and through, such as on the track "In Ruins."

Other tracks are a bit more cohesive like "Anything But Perceptive," forsaking melody for thick, technical chuggings that would seem more appealing to Deathcore fans save for the soft outro which tries to balance out the sudden brutal assault on the ears that was just heard. "Under The Veil" includes some of the heaviest drumming and a rather simple guitar focus of just chugging along, letting the drums take notice because they are doing most of the 'hard work.' This track does close the album on an aggressive note, but it seems like throughout the album the earlier tracks are much more 'grabbing' to the listener for their balance of melody and aggression rather than trying to go for top notch fury like the later tracks do. Still, this is a solid self released debut with clear sound and very little to complain about as When All Light Dies merges multiple genres together to bring a large section of Metal sb genre fans to get into music they may or may not have stood before. They are definitely to be one of the young upcoming bands of 2011/2012 to keep an eye out for.

  1. Through The Eyes Of The Observer
  2. Shifting Gears
  3. Guide You Down
  4. In Ruins
  5. Anything But Perceptive
  6. Resignation
  7. Caged By Time
  8. Lost In Between
  9. Under The Veil

Self released
Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Jan 12, 2012

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