Weverin - The Skeletons Of Fallen Angels

Weverin come from New York, they play black metal and the subject of their lyrics is traditional satanism. So far, so good...Lord Sxuperion (drums), The Harp (guitars and bass but no harp) and Buer (keyboards and vocals) aren't newcomers to the extreme metal scene - they play together under the name Weverin from 2004 and have already four albums and two EP's under their belts. The last CD titled "The Skeletons Of Fallen Angels" is the subject of this review.

The album starts promising with "As Spiders Drink From My Lips" and the first impression from the music is about modern day black metal influenced by the sound of Mayhem's "Grand Declaration Of War". This is the track where Buer shows his big potential in the vocal department. This guy is able to growl and scream pretty well but he also can sing clearly with a voice reminding me of "The Dark Elvis" - mr. Glenn Danzig. Unfortunately this song is the only one where his singing can be heard. "Of Nails And Spit" is another remarkable track that hits you in the face with a powerful thrash riff that turns into a black metal outburst.

Weverin's music is 90% black metal and there are moments where you can hear passages influenced by Marduk, Gorgoroth or even Burzum. The problem with "The Skeletons Of Fallen Angels" is that at some point the music becomes too repetitive and the long tracks (there is only one song under the five minute mark) start to sound too similar to one another. Obviously the guys in Weverin are good musicians but the high level of the first track is not reached in the other songs. Putting that fact aside, there is no doubt that Weverin have lots of potential and their best full-length effort is yet to come.

1. As Spiders Drink From My Lips
2. Between The Raped And Sleeping
3. The Skeletons Of Fallen Angels
4. Of Nails And Spit
5. Liquid Suffering'
6. Gears Of Exile
7. Hanging Worship Dicease
8. Praise Murder
Self released
Reviewer: Tsvetan
Jan 23, 2012
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