Wet Nightmare - Wet Nightmare

This is Grind from Delaware in the USA, and by all accounts this two piece band has Wet Nightmares! I did chuckle to myself when I heard this release, in a good way that is, it took me back to when I first heard the genre classic ‘Scum’ in the 80’s. It’s fast, sloppy and furious with a cool overall tone, but what is really missing is a real lengthy vocal delivery. ‘Middle Finger Blues’ does just fine in acclimatising your insanity for its brief duration, but there is not really a lot of substance to this release. The exception is the guitar sound that is nailed in authenticity. If it is true, then Hurricane Katrina bore some bloody awful bouts of humanity if ‘Raped in the Superdome’ is anything to go by and the band continues this theme with ‘Donald Flagg Was A Horrible Man’ (also a rapist).

But overall I find this a hit and miss grind release. It is fast and the tracks are typically short in duration, but it does not constitute genius, merely what is expected and suffers from being a little listless when you listen to the 17 tracks over and over again. Infrequent vocal appearances leave the music hanging in insignificance and ‘Wet Nightmares’ is a release for hardened grind junkies alone in their search for more of the same, which is a shame because the music certainly delivers promise but the complete package is a 50/50 gamble.

  1. All Life Sucks
  2. Your Political Band Sucks
  3. Overmedicated Underachiever
  4. Middle Finger Blues
  5. This Gay Earth
  6. Raped In The Superdome
  7. Dystopia Initiated
  8. Punkdeath
  9. Donald Flagg Was A Horrible Man
  10. Plague Bearing Bayou Beast
  11. Escalator Mutilator
  12. Insect Welfare
  13. On Time This Dude Asked Us If We Liked New Found Glory (He’s Gay)
  14. Freedumb
  15. Idiocy Cocoon
  16. Unnatural Disaster
  17. Richard Simmons