Werewolves – The Dead Are Screaming

Every so often an album comes along and sucker punch’s you out of nowhere and perfectly scratches a particular itch. Like a cold pint on a hot day or something simple cooked to perfection hits the right spot. Well Werewolves has done exactly that with this beast of an album.

I’ll let the hype sticker on the album speak for itself “Werewolves are death metal whores. Their debut LP doesn't have some Latin title to pretend sophistication. There's no reference to current politics, global whatever or some newspaper shit that will be forgotten by tomorrow. THE DEAD ARE SCREAMING. Metal!” What more do you need?

Werewolves consists of Matt Wilcock of The Antichrist Imperium & formally of The Berzerker, Ackercocke & Belligerent Intent. Dave Haley of Psycroptic on drums and the bass and vocals are handled by Sam Bean of The Senseless and also of The Antichrist Imperium and formally of The Berzerker.

Where do I begin? Take the full on relentless assault of Marduk and the simplicity of Bolt Thrower and the catchiness of Malevolent Creation. Every song is perfectly paced and the riffs carry the song. You have 9 perfect songs all under 5 minutes the album is just over half an hour. I can’t even pick a highlight, each track really follows the same set up but a song like 'Know Your Place' or 'Dogknotted' will leave you in no doubt of what you are in for. There are bits of melody peppered in here and there but it only adds to the maliciousness.

It’s just a perfect half hour of timeless classic death metal with a bit of black metal thrown in for extra spice. Just look at the fantastic artwork and you know what you’re getting.

Album of the year? If not, it’s going to be one fucking phenomenal album that beats this! Metal!

5 / 5 STARS 


1. Establish Dominance
2. Know Your Place
3. Dogknotted
4. Fountains Of Bile
5. No More Heroes
6. Beating Those We Despise
7. Gnaw Their Bones
8. Irate
9. Showering Teeth