Weregoat - Unholy Exaltation Of Fullmoon Perversity

Hailing from the U.S., crusted Blackened Death Metal group Weregoat creates a raw, occult atmosphere on their debut EP 'Unholy Exaltation...' The production is pretty terrible, making everything sound muddled and like a Depressive Black Metal album, but at first the whole idea sounds pretty good. "Nuclear Cunt" opens with the rather dramatic horror themed keyboards and then leads into the squealing guitar that eventually gives way to fuzzy haze and the vocals that sound almost whispered more than shrieked or growled have a softened rasp by the distortion the really helps out with the entire atmosphere effect. However, as the album progresses the Crust Punk/ Blackened Punk effect of the music- whether the tracks are lengtheir or short- begins to wear out on listeners a bit faster than one might like. As Weregoat take on more and more of a badly produced mid era Darkthrone album, listeners may begin to lose more of the atmospheric effect. The only track that really seems to save the album is the closing "Nocturnal Hunt," which is still faded on the vocal side, but at least the guitars are sectioned more into stop n' go riffs so pauses can allow the notes and drums to actually be heard. And it sounds quite groovy as well, especially during the thundering percussive sections.


  1. Nuclear Cunt
  2. The Hideous Stench Of Occult Slaughter
  3. By The Light Of The Moon
  4. Abysmal Whore
  5. Invoke The Black Oblivion
  6. Blackwinged Abominator
  7. Antichrist Kommand
  8. Nocturnal Hunt