Well Seasoned Christ – Heretic Blasphemy

How often heard in recent years, that thrash-metal is dead? Much too often. But now, since several years, thrash-metal celebrating this too often underestimated metal genre a big revival. New bands reflect and let the thrash-metal enriched with new ideas or even just as he was already heard in the 80s rise like a phoenix from the ashes. And it seems that one of these bands are Well Seasoned Christ with their debut album "Heretic Blasphemy", which was released in September 2014. First impression before I heard the album was that the disk is made very professionell. Especially the front cover but also the rest of this album. Therefore my expectations were quite high. And because of, that thrash-metal is not my priority taste of music. But Well Seasoned Christ convinced me all along the line.

Well Seasoned Christ play mid-paced-old-school thrash-metal and remind inevitably in some way to the German Warpath (RIP), but better produced and thus more powerful coming from the speakers. Even if just the voice sounds very different and remids me more to the german thrash-band Scornage. But the feeling during you hear the album is the same, a feeling that you have a long hard road ahead and behind yourself, a feeling of constant struggle remains, which, if one has once agreed to it. Enormous power and strength taught and incite new and own actions.

So one is always inclined to start a just-completed song right again. But before this a purely physically able, already the next song, which one casts a spell and what you now but do not want to quit, because this song also captures one begins. This is achieved in spite of, or perhaps because the average length of the songs is almost 4 minutes. How exactly I can not say but in any case one gets from song to song more appealing to the disk and at the end of the 9 songs after more than 39 minutes you are shocked how fast time pass, and yet would be finally able to be to play the disc again to the song to hear it again. My favorite song is “Hate contra hate”, a really cool song with some great ideas and much power. In any case, all of the listeners tended thrash-metal should keep eye on this band, and if all goes well this band will be throwing in a position to some great disc on the market. I for one am glad it already.

  1. Hymn
  2. [ilfit]
  3. Hate Contra Hate
  4. Zerocracy
  5. The Well Seasoned Christ
  6. Bow To Thy Messiah
  7. Limbs Must Fall
  8. Hear The Word
  9. Death, Blood, Misery

Self released
Reviewer: Rolf
Oct 12, 2014

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