Weekend Nachos - Still

Rarely enough come from USA good grindcore bands. One of them is Weekend Nachos. Four guys, published since 2004 three albums.

I got to know Weekend Nachos in 2011 on Bloodshed Fest in Eindhoven. Before I saw them live, a friend of me from the great band Onanizer said to me that I will love Weekend Nachos. And what can I say. Yes, since that time I love this fucking great band. After this evening I like to hear Weekend Nachos.

Now they published their fourth album "Still" in cooperation with Relapse Records in November 11th, 2013. 12 songs in 21:30 min, this looks like grindcore it seems.

"Still" picks up where split with Lack Of Interest ends, or not? Grindcore with big hardcore influences. But wait. What can I hear? Much more hardcore influences than ever before I think and cause of that for me, Weekend Nachos is more hardcore than grindcore on this album. For my aspect it would be cool if there were more grind on this output. And I can not help myself, but I am reminded inevitably in N.O.T.A. – faster, harder and with a better sound as the band from the eighties but sorry that’s my impression.

By the way, the sound is very balanced, no instrument is overloaded. Only in the rarely grind parts begins the snare sound to swim a little bit. In sum the sound is a little bit straighter than on the last album but also the grind sound is lost, this output is definitely more hardcore.

John Hoffman’s voice is good as always, he growls and screams as there is no morning but the extreme in the voice is lost in the good sound. That’s good for hardcore but its not enough for my understanding of grindcore. The voice is too clean, it’s like a flat country. Everything perfect and ok but I miss the moments where I feel and hear that he is overbordering his voice. So I have to concentrate on the riffs. The riffs are simple but catchy as we know it from the other outputs but slower so this is a further reason for me to say this is more Hardcore than before.

The best song for me on this output is the first track 'Sickened No More'. Fast drums direct on the beginning together with screams which attacks your mind, interrupt by a short break and than one of the rarely grind parts. This is what I want but this is not what this album can give. In moments in which I would say now should be come a fucking grind part they play downbeat and the moment for losing control is lost.

So the aftertaste is fade. Don’t understand me, this is a really good hardcore album but it’s to less for a break trough to the grindcore-Olymp in my opinion. Compared to the last album is this output too clean produced and the grind parts are too rarely.

  1. Sickened No More
  2. No Idols And No Heroes
  3. S.C.A.B.
  4. Satan Sucker
  5. Late Night Walks
  6. Watch You Suffer
  7. Wolves
  8. You're Not Punk
  9. Ignore
  10. Yes Way
  11. Broken Mirror
  12. Still

Reviewer: Rolf
Dec 16, 2013
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