Wedding In Hades - Misbehavior

From the Brittany region of our France comes a four piece Death/Doom outfit by the name of Wedding in Hades and their sophomore full length release mischievously entitled "Misbehavior". Starting with a hint of classical, Wedding In Hades then proceeds with a slow paced My Dying Bride style of somber melodic Doom Metal. With a nice contrast in vocal styles, flicking effortlessly between clean yet haunting, and growling and ominous, Wedding in Hades have the dark and eerie quality required for this style down perfectly, and their riff-age is gloomy, down beat and oppressive. These are all traits that any Death Doom band must possess if they are serious about what they do, but where Wedding In Hades stands out is with their song writing. Not content to fall into obscurity, "Misbehavior" has been creatively thought out well in advance and the songs included on this album are structured supremely well. Wedding in Hades venture into catchy groove laden riffs quite often yet are equally as comfortable breaking down their melody and flow and delving deep into the depths of darkness for an atmosphere of pure doom like dominance, slow, predatory like soundscapes that dwell within the shadow like places of the world.

"Misbehavior" may not be of the most original or genre defining nature, but the music on offer is well crafted and subtly put together, an album of polar opposites and stark contrasts, darkness and light, soft and hard, but is most of all thought provoking and thoroughly enjoyable throughout.

1. Forsaken
2. Men To The Slaughter
3. Sleeping Beauty
4. Dust In A Stranger's Eye
5. Regrets
6. The One To Blame
7. Almost Living (But Not Dead Yet)
8. Men To The Slaughter (Reprise)