We Are Building Ruins - Where The Sun Sets

We Are Building Ruins is a fresh band from Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy consisting of only three members. Formed in 2008, they only recorded a single EP entitled Where The Sun Sets and have distributed it digitally. Their music can be described as technical deathcore in the veins of Beneath The Massacre, Job For A Cowboy, Despised Icon and many other similar bands who are making up the current trend of brutal technical music. And the music you'll hear on this record will surely appeal to those looking for something new, technical and brutal.

There are only three songs on this EP, playing for 12 minutes in total, and by the time you finish listening to the record you understand that it's well enough to enjoy this band. The sound here is quite gutsy, clean yet raw, the guitars are tuned very low, the vocals are primarily brutal growls with occasional screams and the drums shift between blastbeats and breakdowns with intricate fills in between. The music is very intense, dissonant yet having the energy to keep you listening to the EP over and over again, which is a great accomplishment for a start. We Are Building Ruins aren't making it too complex, nor too simple, keeping the balance between two extremes with occasional shifts towards either of them. There are parts when you want to headbang and parts where you don't even know how to do it right. There aren't any solos on this record, and you don't really miss them since the music is primarily rhythm-oriented and the guttural guitar tone is what you'll keep your mind focused on when listening to the music.

We Are Building Ruins have taken the risk of entering a genre that is quite saturated these days, and their risk has paid off. Maybe they don't bring anything new to the table but they do their thing very well and this is enough to grab your attention. Their music doesn't sound ridiculous or out of place, it is as brutal and complex as you want this band to be. So let's hope their full-length debut album will be as interesting and promising as this EP.

1. Rise Above The Sun
2. The Painting
3. Raft Of The Medusa
Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Nov 29, 2010

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