Wayd - Ghostwalk

Latest album of Slovakian band called Wayd. This album already recorded in 2005, mixed in 2006 and released in 2007. I have some previous work of the band and always liked it. So I was curious how this album would be and if I still like it. Wayd plays a form of progressive death metal and when I say this I mean they play aggressive tunes but with tender melodies or other instruments like a trumpet. When a song is running they switch the melody with great ease, use a second vocalist or horn the trompet in a jazzy rhythm ("Rivers Of The Night"). This creative and unexpected elements make Wayd for me an interesting band. And at the end of the disc you get a jungle remix version of the track "Second Sunrise". Also two videoclips as a bonus, a video of the track "Rivers Of The Night" and a studio report. So go to their sites and listen to the tracks and let yourself flow away on the sensative but yet aggressive cloud.

1. Dead Ravens Blues
2. Buring Visions
3. Underneath the Nails
4. Rivers of the Night
5. Ghostwalk
6. Desire's Eternal
7. Second Sunrise
8. In Hell We Dwell
9. Second Sunrise (Ullambattar Crew remix)

Hrom Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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