Wayd - Barriers

Great! This one I like very much. From Slovakia comes this band who plays technical death metal with some jazz influences. If you like bands like Atheist or Cynic you know what to expect. Tempochanges, guitarleads, raging double bass drums, brutal vocals and even saxophone parts! I don't think I need more to say that this is an album worth the checking and you find some interesting parts on this CD that won't let go.

1. Diffused In A Dream
2. Esoteric Suicide
3. Flashbacks Of Freedom
4. Halushka
5. Misanthropic Days
6. Delights Of The Dusk
7. Mindstorm
8. Barriers
9. Extremes In You
10. Don't Turn Back
11. Dead Horse Beating
Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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