Watch Me Burn - At The Stake

Crusty-angry-grindcore! One of the greatest bands to ever emerge from (HEL)L.A. in my opinion, Watch Me Burn has managed to make some of the greatest and most intense extreme and experimental music ever. Edge-y and very reminiscent of Human Remains (Bring It Back Guys!!) Quick speed change ups, guitars and bass that make Danny Lilker (SOD -Nuclear Assault)Put the horns on both hands! A female vokillist who puts most other women vokillists to shame within the Death/Grindcore scene. Vocal sound that can only be described as the embodiment of a demon taunting a priest who is attempting an exorcism. Watch Me Burn is heading in a direction that alot of bands are still trying to figure out! Ahead of its time-and only for the truly BRUTAL! At the Stake - Just For Your Pain And Fucking Pleasure!

1. Mandrake
2. The Wolf That Ate The Sun
3. ((Ding))
4. Hush
5. Civilized
6. At The Stake
7. Rotten
8. Unhappy 57th
9. Forming
10. Supermetal
11. Watch Me Burn
12. Butchered
13. The Damnedest Thing
14. El Toro Rojo
15. Infect

Silver Tooth Records
Reviewer: Rick
Feb 26, 2009

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