Watch Me Bleed - Souldrinker

Watch Me Bleed is a new band founded by guitarist Markus Pohl (Symphorce/Mystic Prophecy) and drummer Steffen Theurer (Symphorce) in the spring of 2007. The line up was completed with scream vocalist Chris Rodens (Kickdown), grunter Markus Wenzel (Inzest) and bassist Michael Vetter (Pump).

Watch Me Bleed is playing metal with a capital M, at least that is what the infosheet says. Combining thrash and hardcore in a melting pot that is easy listening and picking inspiration here and there. Tempo is mostly in mid paced and when the tempo changes faster the thrash comes out. And when Pohl is going from riffing to the leads there is a real thrash feeling. But most of the time it is rather metal core with vocals that are average although they have two types.

Watch Me Bleed delivers an album that has a good production sound, nice cover artwork (but why a white bra and black slip?) but after listening "Souldrinker" a couple of times I came to the conclusion that the albums doesn't jump out. The structure how the songs are build are alike and you easily loose attention after a couple of songs. But it is not all negative because were Pohl is abusing his six strings in the leads he surely shows he is capable of playing. And the leads in combination with the rapid bass drums are the highlights of "Souldrinker" for me.

  1. Rise
  2. Bloodred Rain
  3. Sixsixseven
  4. Where Darkness Hides
  5. The End Of Everything
  6. Dead Sky Black Sun
  7. The Game Is On
  8. Burn Down Hope
  9. All Red Roses Die
  10. Jackhammer
  11. The Bleeding Chalice

Silverwolf Production
Reviewer: twansibon
Dec 23, 2009

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