Watch Me Bleed - Kingdom

For Watch Me Bleed's sophomore effort, the band has stepped a bit farther away from the Thrash influence that populated their debut and closer towards a crossover of Death Metal and Groove Metal. With a new co-vocalist and bassist, the sound still holds the roots of the original but the tracks are catchier and overall the sound is cleaner and more varied, presenting an album by modern standards of excellence. One thing that Watch Me Bleed does with 'Kingdom' is create a sort of concept album with it, breaking each section into parts through a series of interludes. These interludes- such as "Blackest Of The Black"- are complete opposites of what fans would hear from the aggression fueled "The World Stops Moving" which combines strong riffs and a mix of death growls and Thrash tinged snarls/ barks for an excellent varied track. "Blackest...", like the intro and outro, are piano/ orchestral driven pieces that serve as downtime to give listeners a bit of relaxation before the next onslaught of music. They may sound a bit out of place but each track is well done and for those who may be getting into Metal for the first time with Watch Me Bleed, it is a good way to ease them into it.

Other notable tracks (heavier ones, that is) include the highly melodic "Down From Below" which shows off more complex guitar work compared to just the hard, but enjoyable chugs of a track like "Kingdom." "War Calls Us" shows off a lot of Pantera influence from the track "Walk," again showing more crossover into Groove/ Hardcore Metal. While no track really shows much of the old school Thrash sound that the debut did, there are a few moments of fast, blurred riffs mitigated by a solo on "Rack The Slide." The death vocals tend to populate this one but the rasping snarl should satisfy some purists. Overall though the combined assault of both present two very fine sides to Watch Me Bleed's overall sound- one part dark and undecipherable while the other a bit more spoken word but still sounds demonic and harsh without seeming soft or crossing into Alt. Metal. One could definitely say that in just three year Watch Me Bleed have proven a whole new level of maturity, rising from mediocrity to an expanded sound that is much more entertaining and worthy of being titled 'Kingdom.'

  1. The Rising Tide (intro)
  2. The World Stops Moving
  3. Here Comes The Red
  4. War Calls Us
  5. Blackest Of The Black (interlude)
  6. Kingdom
  7. Rack The Slide
  8. Death And Pain
  9. A Question Of Honor (interlude)
  10. Judgement
  11. Sons Of Fenris
  12. From Down Below
  13. Let Them Try
  14. Will You Stand With Me (outro)