Wastescape - Mourning Shadow

Wastescape is one of those bands who have been lingering around the Swedish underground scence since ยด98. With last years release of their full length cd "Snowing Ash" which was released on the now defunct label Stop Dead Records UK, Wastescape got to emerge their heads slightly up from that underground scene but always even now still wish to keep their feet frimly planted therein for they feel that the mainstream is not ready for them and they have no aspirations in jumping into the cloned herd. Prior to "Snowing Ash" Wastescape had put out some really awesome demos ,in no particular order: "A Place Outside", "Ryleh", "For Ages" and "The Beginning of the End" Some of these gems are still available obtained through conract with the band.

Wastescape had a few lineup changes through the past years the most recent and solid line to date is: Christoffer Karl - vocals & guitars, Fredrik Rehngren - guitars, Vigor - bass, Joakim Karlsson - drums.

Wastescape's newest 2009 5 track EP titled "Mourning Shadow" goes back to the band's creepy gothic metal sound in compairssion to last year's "Snowing Ash" which was hitting more on a commercial level especeally with such tracks as "Angel Eyes". "Mourning Shadow" presents to us tracks which are deep dark and filled with honest meaning at times on a psychotic level but honest none the less haha.

The lyrics here are mature and quite original. Awesome musicianship and feeling with very well thought out composition is presented within these tracks. Having listened to older Wastescape material I can say that this is the best produced recording yet from this Swedish quartet and I do hope that this band continues on this level. Now having signed with Undertaker Management it is more promising that this band continues on this level and I hope this new management deal promises to bring us many more live gigs from Wastescape for the upcoming 2010.

Mouring Shadow gets my personal rating of 4/5 and I highly suggest that you check out this EP along with some of the older material from this band.


1. Mourning Shadow
2. Silent Watcher
3. Silent One
4. Wastescape (remix)
5. Mannequin

Self Released
Reviewer: twansibon
Nov 15, 2009

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