Wartime - Solar Messiah

Wartime, is a band from Bulgaria with an inspirational epic metal album with an entire musical development very complete and varied in many elements that are here to highlight and are absolutely great!

I must take a concept introduction in the beginning because it called me the first time I listened this album, and persisted in being very nice when I continue to listening, here there a heavily influenced of Wintersun, it posed Wartime, in here we have a full band of pure melodic riffs technicians more a excellent bass and a brilliant singer who is between the limits dimmed almost like the voice of ICS Vortec and Wintersun on the entire album, and all this go creating a whole environment genial. When you walk into his brilliant melodic environment its a genial album musically with a vocalist that is very clear singing on frontiers inspirations!

Everything has a denouement with majestic guitars in melodic riffs technicians well structured with a good sound in the genre melodic thrash/death metal, in if we combine all this, the master voice, the riffs, makes it come from the bases Scandinavian fundamental inspiration on the entire album. I think it's a progressive epic thrash/death metal because it has a lot of impressive substance of these genres on guitars and singer holds something more heavier than only progressive metal, and I call it epic here!

If we keep talking about the voice, I must say really envelops you with a whole spirited composition full of emotion well in the Nordic style and if you're a fan of the great textures of the bands I mentioned at the beginning this words is a compromise.

And a point to consider here is the bass, the guitars are very heavy and melodic full with excellent dynamics and have a technician amazing in feeling, but with the support of a bass that creates a tremendous atmosphere in the riffs and it gives a powerful atmosphere almost like a keyboard that also has the album, and I must add the work about double big drum that reinforces infernally all, here there created a perfect sound-study attenuated really fascinating, more lead guitar very considerable alongside some acoustic.

Ok, here I come seems perhaps talking about something totally elaborate in parts, but it is not, is an practically perfect album and I let adhered at full because it is addictive.

Everything is somewhat complex and enveloping and makes you appreciate a band with great ability and a great mind fully exploited beyond limits and no stagnated in to comply barriers in terms of texture scores generally speaking, if you want to express something beyond limits you have to trust break many routines and here the singer has all that and I love this band, and this kind of attitude of composition is unprecedented very convincing from genius!


  1. Dreams Of Pale
  2. The Deepest Fear
  3. Sanity
  4. For One Moment In Time
  5. Memories
  6. Inner Sight
  7. Endless Horizon
  8. God's Sun Hours
  9. Solar Messiah
  10. The Day Of No Return
  11. Palette Of Grey

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 25, 2013

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