Warside - The Enemy Inside

France's offering of brutal bands consists of many greats, from the brilliant Benighted to the mesmerising Gorod. Following similar footsteps are newcomers to the scene, Warside. The debut EP 'The Enemy Inside' is a ferocious display of death metal with no brakes to their acceleration.

Barking vocals are spat constantly by vocalist Thomas Allam, similarly reminiscent of a combination between Alex Erian (Despised Icon) and Sven de Caluwé (Aborted). These vocals are hate fuelled throughout the twenty minute long EP, but are backed by a barraging assault of technical hardcore based riffs that are often misleading to their death metal lifeblood. Hailing between the mixture of genres in the scene is something that Warside accomplish best, leaving very little room for them to be left out on any metal related lineup. 'Feeding The Crows' is possibly the most impressive track on the release, often entering a more grindcore approach with even some vocal variation in the form of pig squeals and high pitched screams. There is also a fantastic range of melody within the songwriting on this, again pushing Warside into newer and more accessible categories for themselves.

The EP as a whole is an exhilarating listen, and Warside will remain an asset to the death metal world as I have no doubt that I'll hear of them again on a future release or perhaps lineup. Combining elements from multiple metal genres is no easy task, but with a healthy production standard Warside have accomplished a near perfect execution of this, ending in an EP that would provide the perfect soundtrack for Armageddon.

4 / 5 STARS 


1. Chapter II
2. Fahrenheit 451
3. Heroes Shed No Tears
4. History Of Violence
5. Feeding The Crows
6. Warside (II)

Self released
Reviewer: Max James
Jan 7, 2021

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