Warnament - …Where Home Is Found

This is an album release by Macedonian thrashers Warnament a band I know next to fuck all about, so totally intrigued I set out finding a bit about them while blasting this release. It is their first full length release after releasing a couple of demos and some split stuff. They have been going since 2007 but totally passed me by. Well what do you get on this album, well you get eight tracks of thrash metal that clock in at just under thirty eight minutes. It kicks of with a fairly mid tempo thrasher 'Ground Control' which is a pretty decent start. The album is pretty much a mid tempo affair, this album don’t really go for the all out thrash attack of pure raw speed but deliver a slower, more controlled version of thrash. Not bad at all, it has a kind of older feel about it, more traditional metal feel to it. Vocalist Daniel has a vocal style that is decent enough, you can understand what he is singing about, the guitar work of lead Dejan and rhythm Boris is good stuff, some great riffing all round from these guys. The rhythm section of drummer Velibor and bass player Slobodan add a bit of beef to the whole affair, tight work from all the guys. This is a fairly young band so kudos to them for some very decent playing on this album indeed.

My favourite tracks on this album would be the opener 'Ground Control' which is a very decent track of mid paced thrash and sets the album up nicely, 'Hollow Of The Innocent Victim' is another cracking track, with a great riff throughout. In all fairness there is no weak track on the whole album, all the tracks are good thrash metal ones with plenty of decent riffs throughout. If you are a thrash fan or a fan of metal from all around the world this one is worth tracking down.

Well in summing up this album I would say it shows promise of what is to come from this Macedonian outfit, it is pretty decent and worth a listen and I will be checking them out for future releases that’s for sure!!


  1. Ground Control
  2. Slow And Painful Death
  3. Disturbing The Peace
  4. Hollow Of The Innocent Victims
  5. Life Consequences
  6. Alarm
  7. Violator
  8. Game Over