Warmaster - Final War

Warmaster is a Dutch band and formed in 2004 by two guys who wanted to write old school death metal. In 2005 they extended the line up and made their live debut. After some line up changes Warmaster recorded their debut in 2007. The band consist beside Corne (vocals) and Merijn (guitars) of guitarist Rik (Dark Remains), bassist Alex (Mentation) and drummer Andre (Eternal Solstice).
Now, by the time I got this CD I had no doubt I had to do with a war-obsessed death metal band. The listening didn’t prove me wrong. Warmaster plays typical mid-tempo death metal in the style of Bolt Thrower…..only!!!! In fact, have you ever listened to Bolt Thrower’s “IV Crusade” or “Mercenary”? If yes, then you have the exact picture of Warmaster….. mid-tempo riffing & drumming, heavy sound & some melodic (in the epic way) leads, manage to show you how a battlefield looks like, but the thing is that we’ve seen those pictures before..….. for Bolt Thrower war-metal fans only!!!!!!

1. Testimony From The Grave
2. Unleashing Devilment
3. Silent Scream
4. Against Heavy Odds
5. Psychological Suffering
6. In Cold Blood
7. Silence

Dutch Metal Records
Reviewer: Iakhos
Feb 26, 2009

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