Warknife - Amorphous

Hark! It's the return of Italian death thrashers Warknife following a five year absence since their 2009 debut album "Dream of Desolation". This year sees the Lecce quartet unleash their long awaited sophomore album through Memorial Records and let me tell you, "Amorphous", meaning to lack shape or form, as an album has one or two impressive tricks up its sleeve, starting with the industrial meets symphonic styling of intro track "Act I - Shapeless Birth" which smoothly leads into the catchy, roaring riff fest and volatile drumming style of "The Infected Enigma" which also features gripping, ravenous vocal work, thundering bass play and a powerful, surging sound!

Warknife's twists and turns continue with the slower, more melodic and thought provoking "A Bleeding Sunset" which lacks the violent ferocity of the previous track but still carries with it an intriguing intensity and more flowing grooves to sink your teeth into, as well as some heavily satisfying bass solo's. "Behold the Regression" sees the band let loose a little with fast, bouncy riffs and the frantic crash of symbols whilst the lengthier "The Veil Fragments" has a far slower, more cautious feel and fuses its sound through lighter guitar tones, far darker moods, the occasional smattering of cleaner vocals and an all together more serene feel, at least for the first half of the track at any rate!

With shortened instrumental interludes to serve as respite from the bands onslaught such as "Act II - Shape Shifting", you feel somewhat refreshed for the second half and  the aggressive and abrasive "Hateseed" hungrily takes up the bands momentum with a varied tempo track of savage biting riffs and vocals and the deep, thundering rumble of bass pounding through the sounds of wood on skin and crashing symbols! With a whispered promise of further brutality, "Ill Becomes Order" has a slow, barbaric intensive flow too it whilst penultimate track "Shining Phoenix" opens slowly with more subtle tones, delicate flourishes of melody and harmonious rhythms before more hungry sounding, heavier riffs, vocal work and beats come into play to create a true, end of album vibe.

"Amorphous" closes with "F.A.I.L" and sees Warknife climax in a similar way to the genesis of the album, industrial tinged hard edged riffs, cybernetic vocal sound before a vicious rampage that sees the band at their most gruelling! An impressively produced, very well written and sublimely performed album then is "Amorphous", the five year gap clearly bringing out the best in these lads!

  1. ActI. Shapeless Birth
  2. The Infected Enigma
  3. A Bleeding Sunset
  4. Behold Regression
  5. The Veil Fragments
  6. ActII. Shape Shifting
  7. Hateseed
  8. Ill Becomes Order
  9. Shining Phoenix
  10. F.A.I.L.