Warfist/Excidium – Laws Of Perversion And Filth

I do love a good split. They are the perfect little stop gap release between albums and a great little collector’s item and it also gives bands a little breather to maybe let off some steam or try something out that might not fit on an album. Also I can think of one, maybe two splits were I knew both bands so it a great opportunity to discover someone new.

Here we have a release from Godz ov War Productions Warfist follow up from last year’s glorious "Metal To The Bone” and we have upcoming Polish black thrashers Excidium. Both bands present 4 tracks each consisting of three new songs and a cover.

Warfist pretty much pick up where they left off with their blackened alcohol soaked filth ridden thrash. They play with the rawness and grittiness of early Venom ('Debauchery' could easily fit on “Black Metal”) and the swagger of more recent Destroyer 666. The songs are short and straight to the point. Three 2-3 minutes shots of degenerate thrash!

Next up Excidium, while the tracks are rawer sounding the song writing is a bit more involved. The songs go over the 4-5 minute mark. The solos are more thought out etc and they are a bit more of a straight forward thrash and the rough round the edges really comes from the production. But they are full of piss and vinegar and the riffs displayed pack a good punch.

All in all a good fun split release, a great listen and a well worthy purchase.

  1. The Tomb Of Desire
  2. Debauchery (Dirty Little Bitch)
  3. Sadistic Whorefuck
  4. Angel Death (cover Dodheimsgard)
  5. Suicidal Perspectives
  6. Denial
  7. Veil Of Stagnation
  8. Karmageddon Warriors (cover Impaled Nazarene)