Walpyrgus - Walpyrgus Nights

North Carolina’s Walpyrgus are on the attack with their debut full-length album entitled “Walpyrgus Nights”, and one thing is for certain. This band is set to horrify and glorify everything that is the pure essence of what it means to be true heavy metal. This is an album that can stand up against most anything on the market today, and a good deal of what has been released throughout the years. Traditional classic old school, power influenced metal riffage, totally in the vein of Kinnetic Dissent, Crimson Glory, Hammerfall, and Helloween. This release is worth the price on the guitar work alone! Top notch guitar talent from these guys. As with the riffs, the drums are totally rooted in tradition with absolutely no variation, and to be honest, you really don’t want any here. The drumming here is a total respect and honor giving performance of pure, hard hitting heavy metal the way it should be played as laid out by the masters before.

The bass is given just enough room to make its presence felt. The tone and mix accompany the riffs quite well. Not quite at the level of Manowar or Iron Maiden, but the mix seems to be on point here with the bass, and the level should be sufficient enough for those picky enough to critique every aspect of the music, such as myself. The vocals are the cherry on top for this release. They seem to be heavily influenced by Hammerfall and Fates Warning for the most part. This pattern makes everything come together to form this massively fabulous piece of art.This is a perfectly enjoyable album from beginning to end. All fans of the heavy and power metal genres should check this out. Keep your eyes on this band. Good things are in their future for sure! This was released by the Cruz Del Sur label who did an excellent job on every aspect in getting this album released.

  1. The Dead Of Night
  2. Somewhere Under Summerwind
  3. Dead Girls
  4. Lauralone
  5. Palmystry
  6. She Lives
  7. Light Of A Torch
  8. Walpyrgus Nights