Wako - Deconstructive Essence

If you wonder where WAKO stands for MySpace is helping you a hand. Or if you are too lazy to visit I will tell you. WAKO stands for We Are Killing Ourselves. Nor very hopeful huh? Anyway, the band started in 2001 in the mediteranian country Portugal. Being friends with a similair taste they decided to make music of their own and came with an EP in 2004 and after that they are signed to Casket Music. September 2007 was the month their debut "Deconstructive Essence" was released and it contains 10 tracks of metallic driven aggression. Growling vocals, double bass drumming and twin riffing guitars with nice leads. Songs that won't break the speed limit but have a groovy rhythm and thrashy attitude. Not only the stomping is here but also some melancholy in the track "My Misery". This is metal with a modern edge and clear sound production. WAKO is not inventing but deliver a nice piece of metal without confusion.

1. Descent To...
2. Abyss
3. Eternal Spiral
4. Death Wire, Blood Line
5. My Misery
6. Rebellion To Genocide
7. Paradox Essence Of Deconstructiveness
8. Spectrum Of Void
9. Nihilistic War God
10. Unknown Life Form

Casket Music
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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