Vultures Vengeance - Where The Time Dwelt In

Hailing from Italy is the band known as Vultures Vengeance. Their new EP entitled "Where The Time Dwelt In is an obscure, and quite inventive sounding, trip down heavy metal lane. In many instances this covers the traditional heavy metal genre, however, they do use a few other elements to create a nice breath of fresh air into this genre of music. Even though they have been together since 2009, they only have 1 other release and that is a demo called "Rising" that was released in 2015. None the less, these guys sound pretty damn good on this EP. I was quite surprised on how good this sounded.

Right off the bat, the Iron Maiden influences are quite strong, but I also pick up elements and vibes of Mercyful Fate as well. The guitars echo both sentiments pretty nicely and a precise and sharp enough to cut you off at the knees. I might be stretching it a bit but I swear to you I can hear ever so slight Sabbath vibes from the "Tyr" album era. Not much, mind you, but just slight enough to notice if you are listening carefully. What I really like about the guitars on this album is the fluency. There is not a lot of, what I like to call, "stop and go", on this CD. Tony Steele and Nail are fabulous musicians and take their craft to the next level in every facet possible. They try to keep it as classical and traditional as possible, yet they ass an undeniable ruggedness to the presentation of the bands material that just keeps you wanting more. It is the same with R. Rhel’s drumming. He keeps it classical and traditional yet, instead of adding a ruggedness to his playing, he applies a generous amount of progressiveness. It’s nothing that is over bearing, but enough to compliment the guitar’s ruggedness in a parallel fashion. The bass lines of Matt Savage are as equal in the mix as every other aspect of the music which makes the music that much more enticing. At the end of the day, this is what true heavy metal sounds like. The final piece of the puzzle is the vocals. The vocals are probably my favorite part of this EP. Imagine if you will a mixture of Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden, Mark Antoni who did vocals on Realm’s "Sueciety" album, and Russ Anderson from Forbidden. Some of you might think that is a far stretch and an odd type of vocal pattern for a heavy metal band, but I tell you the vocals are really the icing on the cake for this release.

While I really liked this release a lot, by no means am I saying that it is a perfect release. It is almost there, but I felt it was a bit lacking in the lyric department. I hope that this aspect improves on their next release. Other than this everything was excellent. This band has a lot to offer and should be around for a long time if they keep releasing material like what they offer on this EP. I was really impressed at their style and delivery and look forward to seeing what they can bring to the table on a full length effort.

  1. End Of The Void (Intro)
  2. A Curse From Obsidian Realm
  3. And The Wind Still Screams His Name
  4. On A Prisoner's Tale
  5. Where The Time Stands Still

Reviewer: twansibon
Nov 9, 2016
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