Vrykolakas - Vrykolakas 2000

First CD release of this brutal death metal band out Singapore. Most of the songs are in uptempo with some fast parts. The vocals are mixed a bit to far in front but you don't understand a word he sings, haha. But a nice deep grunt thou. Enough tempo changes in the songs, double bass, two vocals, nice guitarriffs. Although I miss the guitar leads a lot. My fav trak is “Nuthfah” because of the leadds. This is surely a band to check out and to follow in the future.

1. Vrykolakas 2000
2. Buried With Munkar Nakir
3. In Filthy Vomits
4. Dark Descends
5. Nuthfah
Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Sep 4, 2001

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