Vrykolakas - Spawned From Hellfire And Brimstones

Latest butchery of Singapores Vrykolakas. 11 Songs that go for the max. Brutal deep vocals, furious twisting guitars (but where are the leads?) and vivid drumming. The songs go on speed but have lots of tempobreaks and melodychanges. The power of Vrykolakas is that they make short songs (longest 3:15) but they all have that catchy edge. Compact songs stuffed with real death metal hooks. This album is from 2004 and a new album should be done in 2005. Vrykolakas for die hard death metal fans!

1. The Battle Of Badr
2. The Lazha Awaits
3. The Burial Of Sadum
4. Soulless Flesh Fleshless Soul
5. Dark Eternal Flames
6. Bombardment From The Brimstone Squadron
7. Zabaniah Nemesis Of Jahim
8. In Filthy Vomits
9. Buried With Munkar Nakir
10. Ushered By The Talkin
11. Desecrating The Ancient Ones

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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