Vrykolakas - Nocturnal Demons Of Death

This band from “Singapork” as they call Singapore on their page, lives up to its claim of playing unrelenting brutality. This band does just that. They live up to BRUTALISM.com’s claim for and support of SUPREME BRUTAL ART. The CD, NOCTURNAL DEMONS OF DEATH, opens with a cool repetitious and gradually loudening noisy jam called “Eternal Fire/Dark Eternal Flames” and then ties down the braces for the rest of the ride. And the ride is fabulous. The next track, “Soulless Flesh, Fleshless Soul” is a balls-out act of metal in which the guitars, the vocals, and the beats are all pounding away in a heavy texture of brutal death.

The CD does not slow down until half way through with “Nuthfah.” It is not really that the CD slows down, but the heavy textures that are so evident in the first half begin to go flat the closer the CD gets to the end. For instance, the second to last track, “Baptism To Beelzebub” is just sort of dirty trash metal. Not only is trash metal very DONE, but it was never good in the first place. We know that Vrykolakas has serious metal brutality talent so it is just a shame to end on such a downer point. ‘Til net release fellows!

1. Sadomasoblast
2. Scumwhore Buttfuck 2.0
3. Bloodcum Bukkake
4. Double Dildo Deliverance
5. Incestuous Orgasmuz
6. Anal Aphrodiziac
7. A Necessary Necrophilia
8. Put Your Bits On Concrete Mix (cover Gorerotted)
9. My Purrfect Pornogurrl
10. Pungent Pussyblast
11. Analjuice
12. Incestico
13. Chainsaw Circumsision
14. Scumwhore Buttfuck
15. Cut Open & Fuck
16. Deepthroat
17. Choking On Cum
18. Bestial Fistfuck
19. Bloodsex & Saliva
20. Whorridify Whorekill
21. Desecrating The Vulva
22. Sadistic Bleeding
23. Prophecy Of A God That Doesn't Exist

Vrykoblast Productions
Reviewer: Jesse
Feb 26, 2009

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