Vorkreist - Sublimation XXIA

This is the 2nd album from French death black metal combo Vorkreist. The previous album had a bad sound quality and I asked myself if they intended. But the mastering was a desaster and now they have the chance to prove it could be better. And yes, the sound is very decent. So finally you hear furious tracks that rage and spew satanic mayhem around. The ultra fast beats are combined with threating midparts, raw and screamy vocalist and dry riffing guitars. Most of the album is violent ramming but the midparts make it enjoyable. Nice extreem disc although it is not bringing something new...

1. Great Orders Of Sterile Lunacy
2. Sublimation XXIXA
3. Mystical Hierarchy Of Perdition
4. Thy Death Divine
5. Sodogma
6. Torture Kult
7. Void Of Grace
8. VKT Konklave
9. Ecstatic In Revulsion
Xtreem Music
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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