Vore - Gravehammer

Formed in 1994, this current trio puts out some solid death/doom metal. Page Townsley is the frontman on vocals/guitars, Jeremy Partin on bass and Remy Cameron on drums. Don't expect any blast beating on "Gravehammer" because these guys play some seriously heavy no nonsense death/doom metal to the core. It's hard to believe that being around since then they're still on an independent label. Their music is plenty good enough to be on a major record label. They've toured with some well known bands as well, but still remain to be self-released.

The music on here features thick chunky palm muted guitar riffs in the vein of Six Feet Under and Page on vocals sounds a lot like Glen Benton of Deicide. Their music is not overtly technical, it is straight forward tremolo picked lines which also feature heavy chords that are slow and doom laden. The guitar fits well with the vocals. I was very impressed also with the solos. They're played with precision and are quite technical. I'd conclude that the leads are far above par by Page. He seriously shreds and for a more doom fashion metal band that quality is hard to find.

I can't compare this album to previous ones because because this is the first one that I've heard by the band. Supposedly some of the older releases received better ratings. I was surprised about that because "Gravehammer" is a gem of a release, especially when 2011 was lacking in some good metal outputs by well known bands. This is one that is worthy of praise because not only is it dark and grim, it still has innovation and creativity. The riffs are well played out with vigor. Lines that stick to your brain even some clean tone exhibited briefly here.

The mixing is well rounded with everything heard very well. Another surprising feature because again they're an independent. The guitars, bass, drums and vocals are all well in there so that nothing is left out. In essence, production quality was solid and the band was able to put in enough monetarily to finance the recording of this release. Definite quality, they need to sign onto a major label! However, you can buy their CD's on Amazon.com. I'm hoping that they will eventually be on a major label in the next upcoming releases. Very talented musicians!

I'd have to say that I was shocked how well this band put together such an amazing concoction of riff-writing, bass that is quite auditory and drums that are orchestrated in double bass fashion for an immense amount of the album depending on what the guitar is doing. Again Six Feet Under style of lines riff-wise and quite noteworthy to say the least! I'm not entirely convinced that they should've gotten a poor rating for this album because I think it's high quality metal especially when again 2011 was a year of disappointment in the metal industry. If you want classic death/doom metal, "Gravehammer" is it!

  1. The Cruelist Construct
  2. The Unseen Hand
  3. Doomwhore
  4. Uroboros
  5. Gravehammer
  6. The Claw Is The Law
  7. Progeny Of The Leviathans
  8. Throne To The Wolves
  9. Sacerdotum Tyrannis

Self released
Reviewer: Death8699
Jan 5, 2012
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