Voracious Scourge – Our Demise

The first thing that caught my attention with this release was that Mike Smith was drumming on it. I was sold straight away. Mike is one of death metal’s finest drummers and I’ve missed him dearly in Suffocation!
Anyway let’s backtrack slightly. Voracious Scourge are the brianchild of Jason McIntyre of Suture. Here he is joined not only by Mike Smith but his Suture bandmate Lance Strickland and Sinister frontman Adrie Kloosterwaard on vocals. Here we get four awesome tracks (minute long intro aside) of scorching, catchy and in some places a bit melodic death metal.

'Harbinger Of Our Own Demise' kicks off in familiar enough territory. Nice shredding with a melodic edge in the vein of Monstrosity backed by Mike’s blasting. It has a nice melodic lead during the chorus and kicks in to a nice groove towards the end. 'Fortuity Of The Deceived' is more on the brutal side and is reminiscent of classic Suffocation, again we get plenty of blasting followed by an almighty Jun-Jun slam part! 'Expiate The Depraved' starts off with a movie sample then kicks in to a no nonsense shredder with another melodic and catchy as hell riff during the chorus. 'Oracle Of Repugnance' throws out the melodies straight out of the gate and half way has a quiet jazzy interlude with a little spoken word passage. It's revealed here that the band have got a little more going on under the surface.

This is a great little EP. It’s just under 20 minutes but there is plenty going on and all four tracks are brilliantly executed. It shows all the angles where the band are coming from and all the different elements to their sound and what they are working with. I genuinely hope this is the start of something new and this goes somewhere because it would be great if this can be expanded on with a full length album.

That’s up to you. Show your support. You know what to do!

  1. Vaticination (intro)
  2. Harbinger Of Our Own Demise
  3. Fortuity Of The Deceived
  4. Expiate The Depraved
  5. Oracle Of Repugnance