Voracious Scourge - In Death

Ladies and gentlemen under the "unknown" monicker that responds to the name of Voracious Scourge, there is for our grace and luck a band worthy of all possible and imaginable attitudes. But before unraveling this arcane mystery we will talk about the most important thing… music! Released in the second half of August and released by Massacre Records, this "In Death" is presented over the long distance with 10 terromotive songs for a total of about 40 minutes of pure death metal.

Before revealing what I said earlier, a worthy mention goes to the guitarist Jason McIntyre who was able to insert his artistic work within this album, giving vent and demonstration of knowing how to manage with total naturalness, and alternating them in a very satisfactory way, fast and slowed parts. I specify this because Jason's work must not have been easy considering the characters who together with him embarked on this journey in Voracious Scourge.

Despite this, its more "classic" vein (if we want to call it that) was clearly revealed above all in the solos. But let's get to us. In the rhythm section of this band we find two "monstrous" characters who respond to the names of Mike Smith (drums - Suffocation) and Mr Tony Choy (bass - Atheist, Pestilence, Cynic) while on the voice we have the honor of having Mr Aad Kloosterwaard already in force with Sinister.

While the influences of these musicians are very popular, within the album they have been pushed aside slightly to achieve something new and enjoyable. Mike's drumming is always recognizable, but Tony's skills, for example, have been muted a bit. The band wanted to create honest old-fashioned death metal work, focusing more on the heaviness and linearity of the songs rather than technicalities or extreme parts. All the songs, without exception (from the open 'Heaven's Scorched' to the final 'Born Dead' (cover Death)) follow a meticulous mood so dear to lovers of the most canonical death metal. I appreciate the willingness to "play" this album rather than just promoting it for the characters that make it up. Album to have at all costs. Well done

4 / 5 STARS 


1. Retribution Of The Damned (Intro)
2. Heaven's Scorched
3. Defleshed Messiah
4. Voracious Scourge
5. Mental Enslavement
6. In Death
7. A Life Condemned
8. Harbinger Of Our Own Demise
9. Tank Tread Evisceration
10. Born Dead (cover Death)